Recording same program twice

Last night on frequency 29 channel 3.1 NBC the good place was set to record. Today I have two recorded! Why! That used two tuners. I also had two other problems set to record that cover same time frame. One was FOX Thursday night football. The other on CBS, the unicorn.

2 full length episodes? Or 2 partial segments equaling the (almost) length of one episode?

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If it’s 2 full length recordings then it’s due to a guide data bug. See thread below.

If it’s 2 recordings of 1 show split then that’s a OTA signal issue that caused the recording to fail and then try again.

Two full programs. I noticed auto correct put (problem) not program. The only difference I saw between the two recordings was the cover pictures were not the same.

Were the episode numbers and titles the same? The best thing to do is open a support ticket so Tablo can take a look at your logs.

This will hopefully help the guide provider fix errors like this.