Recording Process questions (Troubleshooting)

Last night, all three network news shows failed to record. All begin at 6:30 pm and are scheduled, and have recorded perfectly since version 2.2.16 was released.

The Tablo otherwise was working fine – I could access it to watch live TV (all three network stations were on the air) and there was plenty (700 gb) of hard drive space. Network in the house was working fine. Scheduled Recordings from earlier in the day, and later in the evening all recorded fine.

No one in the house was using a Tablo at the time (in face, no one was home) and tuners should have been available. (All tuners were available at 6:40, when I got home). No client (Android, Windows or Roku) showed any tuner activity [ie: flashing red channel indicator].

I have not reset the Tablo, as it continues to appear to be working.

Does anyone know if Tablo needs a live connection to the internet to initiate recording? My ISP has has moments of flakiness lately, although usually late at night. When I did get home, my Roku unit said that it needed to re-establish an internet connection, even though it was working fine on the LAN in the house.

Are these series records? I ask because I had started setting up series records for the new fall season and noticed immediately prior to premier week a few weeks ago that even though the series record was displaying as being in place, the individual episodes themselves weren’t flagged to be recorded. See the post I created for more information…

It sounds like your internet went down - and your Tablo was rebooted afterwards. If this was the case, the Tablo wouldn’t have been able to verify its date/time settings, and your recordings would’ve been missed.

When the internet came back online, date/time would’ve been restored, and everything would go back to normal - which is what it sounds like happened.