Recording Priority

I know this topic has been discussed before, but I’m bringing it up again because I just had it happen last week and I’m unsatisfied with how it’s currently handled.

I would like to be able to prioritize certain shows.

Here is what happened:
I have scheduled “new” recordings for Survivor (8pm), Modern Family (9pm), and Masked Singer (8pm) on Wednesday nights on my 2-tuner Tablo. Normally this is not an issue.

Last week for the Modern Family finale, they had a special “goodbye” episode that aired at 8pm and Tablo recorded Modern Family and Masked Singer. Survivor is my most wanted show, and I was frustrated when it didn’t record because it doesn’t end up on Hulu (like the other 2 shows).

I didn’t check for any conflicts since I normally have this managed properly. I would like to be able to set top priority shows so if I miss that there’s a conflict, Tablo will record the ones I want.

I realize this could be difficult to manage because what happens if multiple priority shows end up on the same timeslot, but I’m sure you could do something like ranking of shows each time one is added to a priority list or something.



This is exactly what I’ve been thinking about for the past day and a half. It could operate like rank choice voting, or have a tie-breaker option (ie if two high priority shows are on, pick the newest episode).

Ultimately, it seems they’d be intrinsically disincentivized to offer such a feature, as it would make a Quad less alluring to some.

Has there been any progress on this? I’d like to see this feature as well.

It can be done by un-schedule Modern family and masked singer then go back and reschedule Modern family and masked singer. Your Survivor will become priority.