Recording playback list with SEASON buttons (Quad/Roku)

Would it be possible to add SEASON buttons for recordings on the Roku app like the PC App has?

I have my Quad connected to my Roku and when I want to watch a show that has many episodes (like the Big Bang Theory in my example pic above), I have to scroll down through the list of episodes until I reach the one I want to watch - if there are multiple seasons and the episode I want to watch is on an early season, then I have keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling until I get to what I want to watch.



Maybe they can add this to my request to be able to sort (and edit) the recordings.

That’s definitely something we plan to resolve, but I don’t have an ETA for when it might be done.

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Curious if any progress has been made on this…


I’m reasonably new to Tablo and I’m trying to make sense out of this Feature Requests forum…Things seem randomly organized and replied to… I’m interested in seeing the episodes displayed in series order (like it is in the browser) vs reverse order (like it is on Roku and the Android app), but I have no idea how to contribute a “yes, i agree” vote or any other input. It seems like this request is scattered across the discussion topics, and has been mentioned for years, and there is no actual, real response on it or on most topics I’ve read. Am I missing something about how to make sense out of any of this?