Recording options

I have tablo, and roku ultra wireless connection. I can acess all streaming channels. Live tv on roku, and the tablo tv. Also all streaming channels.
I have a few questions.

  1. When on roku home page( its where all streaming tiles are listed) i scroll down select live tv then scroll over and pick tile (live tv channel tv guide). I pick a show to watch, while watching should i be able to use voice on the remote to change the channel?
    2… when on roku home screen i scroll over and pick the tablo tile( not tablo tv) it says tablo is not connected to the internet or is not on same network as roku. I go to roku settings pick check connections all 3 are ok. How to check tablo to see if its on same network?

Make sure you are using the tablo app that is the blue icon one and not the white icon one. The legacy app will find the gen 4 but not be able to access it. And make sure your Roku(or tablo) is not connected to the WiFi guest network.