Recording of TV show Scorpion, different night and time, didn't record?

Just wondering if anyone else experienced the same thing i did last night.  The TV show Scorpion was new last night (Sunday), but the Tablo didn’t record it. Wondering since it was a different night and different time that the guide somehow missed it?  Anyone have this?

@jwhitesel the game was still playing… Luckily I looked at it before it was done and saw that it actually started halfway through. So I also recorded the show after…

I am PST

Didn’t record for me either…

Same here


Episode 14 “Charades” did not record on my Tablo.  It did record on my SageTV, but the first half of that recording was the football game.
I just watched it here though (best to have Adblock Plus installed in your browser):

Thanks for the replies. I did end up watching it somewhere else.  The football game makes sense, I guess. Not sure why we wouldnt have gotten the football game like the Sagetv did?    

I happened to look at it in advance and noticed that it did not show up as a new show… even though it was. I did a manual recording of a 2 hour period since I knew it was unpredictable… being at the end of a football game. 

I also (as an experinment) set it to record the regular way… i.e. just select that particular episode and it recorded half football game - half Scorpion. I did this just to see if it would adjust for actual start-up time. It didn’t.

@davidrob it will extend live recordings if you hav “Extend Live Recordings” checked in settings.

However, it will not extend the shows after. I think this has been discussed before, but would be a good thing to do. However they don’t always start from the beginning on shows like that. Sometimes the stations start at the time the show would be in at that moment.

Around here it’s broadcast “in full” and it’s “joined already in progress” ONLY if preempted by a LOCAL game or game of more regional interest.

My experience and observation is that it’s played in entirety if the game is broadcast by the network since the network plays the show, too, and it’s “joined already in progress” if it’s a local station showing the game and the network has already started showing the regular program. 
A network has no reason to be playing a network program while broadcasting the game, too so it’s unlikely a network would play a game over their own show…

Yes, it has been discussed about sensing when a show is played after a live event and allowing compensation or handling it in some other way 
I should have done the manual recording myself - thanks for the wake-up @davidrob - that was a duh moment for me, reading your post. My bad that I didn’t think of that myself!