Recording of live events (r.e. sports!) that go over alloted time

Hi!  Live sporting events are (in)famous for going longer than the allotted time.  Tablo doesn’t handle this well and just stops recording at the end of the allotted time even if the game is still going on which means that if I’m watching the recording, I miss the most dramatic part of the game.  It would be great if Tablo could handle this better and would record the game until its conclusion.  If that’s not possible, then, when I search for a game and select “record”, I should be able to set it to record whatever show comes on immediately after the show.  As it is, this is not possible either unless I remember to go into the Live TV program listing before the game and manually schedule whatever show is coming on next.


@dma - This is definitely on the to-do list! We’re Canadian and we can’t miss any of the hockey game! 

In the meantime, you can set the show directly after the game to record as well and you shouldn’t miss any big plays.

Any update here? This is my biggest complaint with Tablo. Sure it’s the same for other sports fans.

I like Tablo, but it is basically worthless for recording sporting events reliably. This made painfully more clear after two cup final games that went long (these days, I say it is standard). This was pretty much 90% of the reason I got the device because save for CBS shows, I can watch everything else at my leisure on Hulu or Netflix.

I would have made this a number two feature when developing a DVR device. 1. Record programs. 2. Ability to manually extend recording time of scheduled recordings. I consider it so fundamental, that I just assumed the device was capable of it.

I think when the manual recording option is ready, it will help solve this issue.  It looked like the Tablo folks were going to have that implemented at launch, but for whatever reason it was delayed. 

Manual recordings will be in the next firmware update which is almost ready. Stay tuned! 

This not only applies to sporting events and I’m a big football fan so I need a resolution for the season!!! But this also applies to ANY live event, i.e., award shows, etc.  Can’t wait to see an update for this and not miss a moment of the action.

We’ve got something in the pipe for the next release. Basically it’ll extend ALL recordings marked ‘live’. Stay tuned for more info!