Recording non-guide channel

This can probably be accomplished with manual recording, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do manual recording either.

I have several channels (NASA, C-SPAN, etc.) that when I include them in the guide they give me no information. Is there a way to record these channels?


As long as they’re in your channel list, even with no guide data, you can do a manual recording.

Depends on the client you’re using, but on the web client’s scheduled screen there’s a plus sign in the top right corner. Click on it to create a manual recording.

That does NOT sound like OTA. Tablo does not do cable or streaming channels.

Hrm… Unless there’s something I’m missing, I thought C-SPAN was only available via cable/satellite and online streaming. Ditto with NASA.

How are you trying to receive these channels via Tablo?

These are OTA channels. I don’t have cable. Most of my OTA channels have guide information, but some of them don’t, but I still want to sometimes record on them. I am in Utah and these are channels 50-1, 50-2, 50-3.

I have ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick and Web Interface (, but I can’t see a + sign or any way to do a manual recording. On the Web Interface, the only display of the channels is with Live TV. I can select (and then highlight) half hour segments, but I can’t figure out any way to start a recording for that segment.

You’re on the Live TV page. Use the menu top left (horizontal lines) to go the Scheduled page. Then use the + in the top right to schedule a recording.

Hrm… Do you know what the call letters are for these stations?

Cause I’m wondering if you live in an alternate universe version of Utah!

If not, we’ll definitely see if we can get this fixed.

If I do a Google Search for Utah TV channels, I get this information:
KEJT-LP 50 Telemundo
City: Salt Lake City, UT
Owner: NBC Universal
Station Info: Class-A - 37 kw
Market: Salt Lake City
I also have channel 29, 33 and 41 which is similar. But I can’t find a station for those channels.

Just watch it for a while. They’re required by the FCC to put up their call sign every 10 minutes or so.

Thanks, that is what I was looking for.

They are OTA channels. In central Utah they are 50-1, 50-2, 50-3.

Please provide zip code

Delete and put in zip code

Most likely GETTV and ESCAPE is my guess since they are often subs of Telemundo

He is probably receiving them OTA. In some (not many, but some) areas of rural America that are particularly under-served by OTA broadcasting, local non-profits create an OTA system that is paid for by membership dues. In Alexandria, MN for example there is a non-profit called ‘Selective TV’ that aims to fill the gaping non-coverage by any broadcasters in the area. In addition to the Minneapolis stations that they broadcast (that otherwise would be non-receivable) they also broadcast stations like CSPAN, NASA … even MSNBC over-the-air.

The non-profit works on the honor system. If you are watching the OTA broadcast, you are asked to support the broadcast by paying a recommended amount of $12 a month - although any donations will be accepted.

His zip code in Utah would be helpful - as the most likely case is that these non-profits are not on ‘official’ listings, or if they are they are incomplete.

The Zip Code for my area is 84631.

So it looks like your area is served by a group of low-powered translators. Unfortunately - I can find no evidence of a display channel ‘50’ on any listings providers. The only RF channel of 50 I can find identifies as virtual channel ‘11’ – KBYU. Even your Millard County website doesn’t identify the channel as you are reporting it.

If you are receiving those OTA - no current guide provider has it as such. You may need to provide a complete list of stations (with both ‘virtual’ channel and ‘real’ channel) of missing stations you receive along with their network affiliates in order to correct this. If you’re so inclined - sending those updates to other TV sites as well may help others in your area as no listing site currently has the lineups as you describe.