Recording NFL Sunday Ticket streaming games

I currently stream out of market NFL games on Directtv NFL Sunday ticket through Roku. This does not allow me to record games and watch them later. I can only watch live games. Does Tablo allow users to record games and watch at a later time? I do not have Directtv and in an area not serviced.

Can only record broadcast channels on Tablo.

If you wish to record from Roku, ATV or other HDMI sources you need a capture device.

I got the wife one which records to HDMI signals to AVI using memory card.

EVOLVE HDMI Cloner Box is the brand IIRC.

If you can’t receive the signal OTA (via antenna), Tablo cannot record it. This blog post explains it pretty well…

NFL Gamepass is a great option for you. As a Titans season ticket holder, I get it for free each year, but for $100, you get every NFL game from this season (as well as an archive of games going back to 2009). You can’t watch live NFL games, but as soon as a game ends, you can watch it on that site.