Recording manually

So after some back and forth with Tablo support, I have discovered that the “normal” Tablo user does not use search or the program listings (they can’t, since search does not work – or is missing entirely – and the program listings only go 24 hours into the future – or are missing entirely). Apparently, the “normal” Tablo user finds a show on the “TV Shows” screen, and records it from there – and just hopes, I guess, that the show that they think they are recording is the show they are actually recording, since the “TV Shows” screen does not tell you what channel anything is on nor what time it will be recorded (or if it does, I can’t find it).

Does anyone know how I would schedule recordings if I chose not to have
the program guide listing subscription? It would apparently be much, much easier to use TitanTV for program listings and for me to schedule the recordings manually. Has anyone else abandoned the Tablo guide info and recorded shows manually? How did you do it? I do not even see a way to record channels / dates / times manually, but there must be a way to do this, mustn’t there?

I see from this topic from June 4, , that manual recording is not implemented yet. Which means that we are stuck with “Press Record And Hope For The Best”. Maybe you’ll get the show you wanted, on the channel you wanted, at the time you wanted. Maybe you won’t. You’ll have to find out after it’s been recorded.

Actually, you can go look at the Schedule screen after you’ve pressed Record on a show to see when the show will be recorded, but it does not say what channel will be recorded. Does anyone know what the device does if you live in an area where that show comes on more than one channel at that time? I do live in such an area, so I will find out shortly, but it would be nice to know ahead of time.

@bblackmoor you can see what channel the scheduled record is on by press/clicking on it to expand it for more info

@bblackmoor, currently it records on all channels, even if it at the same time.  It is a known issue, and Tablo looks like they are working on it.

I also want to make it clear that I do not work for this company.  I am just a user and a big fan of this product.  I just want to help my fellow Tablo owners out.

I recently selected a season pass for Big Brother, and I am in a 2 market area.  It showed that I would be recording new episodes on both channels 5 and 7.  I just went through and deselected the channel 7 recordings 

I am a bit confused on some of your comments.  you mention that search doesn’t work and there is no way to see whats coming up or what channels its on, but that is not what i am seeing via the web ui…  if you search for shows in PrimeTime or TVShows you get this: 

@PiX64 if you try that same search in Live TV it does not work for more than 24 hours in advance. Plus the results are a little weird.

Edited to add picture:

I have no interest in watching TV on my laptop. If I did, I could just go to the NBC web site, Hulu, etc., and watch it there, and save myself the ~$500 I spent for a HD antenna, external hard drive, and the Tablo. I bought the Tablo to watch TV on my TV (with its better picture and far better sound), and the Tablo uses the Roku 3 widget for that. Ergo, my comments above re: the TV Shows screen and the Schedule screen refer to the Tablo channel on the Roku.

My comments re: the program listings and the searching of the program listings apply to the Android app and the web app (these features are entirely absent on the Roku). In my opinion, the program listings on the Android app and the web app are useless because they only go 24 hours into the future, and the Tablo developers should remove the program listings rather than expose users to needless frustration.

@ChrisWikes said, "bblackmoor you can see what channel the scheduled record is on by press/clicking on it to expand it for more info"

I do not see what you describe.

@PiX64, agreed :wink:

oh ok thanks @bblackmoor.  you are wanting the roku to be a primary device when in fact its a supplemental device.  I see your pain now.

Hopefully as Tablo works through some growing pains and gets a good roku dev in house, many of your issues will be cared for.

@Jestep - yes you are right and exactly the reason i have never used the liveTV searching function.  in its current form it is useless in my opinion.