Recording Manually VS Guide


I am using the Android App, however even the Web app has the same problem,  To manually recorded a show I have the option to select the Channel that I want to record on,  however in the guide I don’t have this option.  If I select record all new shows, It will record ALL new shows even on other Channels, For example Young and the restless is on a few times a Day, on Different Channels; Global and CBS and at different times which I get both, I only want to record on Global, I have the same Problem with many other shows and Stations and this ties up my Tuners. My HDD will get full very Fast If I forget to go in Every few Days and manually deselect the record button on the duplicate recording of each show, or I have to delete every duplicate recording .


I hope I don’t have to Manually record Every Show, What the point of the guide if I have too.

@uncouchable4 - This kind of ‘smart recording’ functionality is something we’re working on right now so you can select which channel you want to record from. Stay tuned!

Thanks for your Quick Response, I will be looking forward to it, 

@untouchable4 - No problemo :smiley:

We love feedback so keep it coming!