Recording file not found in database error

I made a mistake and held down the reset button on the back of the Tablo Quad instead of pressing it for a second and letting it go (I needed to reset the unit after an internet outage). Now the Tablo shows a solid blue light on top and live TV works in the Pad app and I can see recordings there but when I try to play any recording I receive this error:

“Play Error Recording file not found in database.”

The Roku app shows a blank guide, live TV does not work and shows no recordings. Essentially it is useless.

Is there a way to solve this problem?

I have a 2gb internal hard drive in the unit.

You could always unplug the device and plug it back in for a full powerup boot.

Good idea. I should have mentioned in the original post that I tried that remedy to no avail.

Delete the Tablo app from your iPad, reboot your iPad and then install the iPad app again. Tell us if you can still see the recordings.

If you don’t see any recordings, then you’ve likely factory reset your Tablo and all your recordings have been erased. See link below for the process to factory reset.

For all intent and purposes your recordings are gone, but factory doesn’t touch the external drive. All the DB data is stored internally, so the “new” tablo won’t have any reference to them.

We’ll say they are gone, although technically, using ffmpeg or a media player via http://tabloIP:18080/pvr/XXXX/pl/playlist.m3u8 it would be an enormous PITA - it’s not for everyone.

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However if you leave the Tablo running overnight after factory resetting it, the overnight maintenance will clean up the drive and erase all the “orphaned” recordings

YES, thanks. I started something about the infamous overnight maintenance routines… but, well - trying to find out what’s up.

I’ve read it exist. I’ve heard it might, maybe, does, should, see if, will, didn’t do anything, what happened to…

Ranging from it cleans things up, every time all the time. Other’s still have non-existence recording, with tiles lingering. The dreaded advice “maybe”, it will happen overnight - wait and see (as unconfirmed)

It may be a trade secret, but I like to know what, so I can keep up if my tablo is operating properly - before things get too bad.

It looks like you two are correct. Thank you for you guidance.

The overnight clean-up must have done its work. I’ll call it the midnight massacre.

I would estimate half of the recordings are now gone. The remaining half suffer from the same error I mentioned in my original post. Recordings made this morning will play.

Interestingly, any timers for recordings that were set up in the last week are gone. Older timers are still there.

The Roku app and IPad app both otherwise appear to be working.

Should I delete all old recordings to remove the icons? It’s not that important to lose them, but if it is possible to retrieve them I would do so.

Often for WEB based app access, you need to ensure that the lingering tiles are not the result of locally stored tiles.

I don’t use IPAD but I can only assume that there might be some locally stored data that might need to be cleaned up. Some users probably do this by deleting the app and then re-adding. The data will then be resync’ed on connect.

But I’ve always found the actual tablo server to be much more reliable once, a few years ago, they added the removal of ghost and orphan recordings and tiles to the overnight maintenance.

But some users may never have experienced these so they will just have to accept that magic happens.

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Delete the Tablo app from your iPad, reboot your iPad and then install the iPad app again. Tell us if you can still see the recordings.

Yes the old recordings are still there. They are also still present in the Roku app.

Weird - a factory reset should have erased everything and asked you to setup the Tablo like you it was new out of the box.

Wouldn’t it be amazingly bizarre if, somehow started this process -

In the process of power cycle/ rebooting left it incomplete. Most likely - unlikely.

When “old recordings are still there” - listed in the app, or able to be watched?

Is there a way to delete the tablo from the app as with the the [X] in the web app? Uninstalling doesn’t always, necessarily remove all configuration files. (remove vs purge)

I would open a ticket so that tablo support can evaluate if/why nightly scrubbing of the database didn’t clear things up.

Usually Roku ghost tiles get cleaned up. But I always disconnect from my tablo and reboot my roku when in doubt.

I have a ticket in. I’ll see what support can determine on Monday.

One conclusion I have is that the manufacturer made a poor design decision making the reset button serve the dual purpose of factory reset. It is an invitation for user error. Most devices separate the trigger for reboot and factory reset. For example, you reboot an IPad or IPhone with buttons on the device but must use the software settings to instigate a factory reset. Other devices have a reset button that is easy to push and a separate button that can only be pushed using a pin or paper clip to perform a factory reboot.

Room for improvement for the next iteration of the DVR.

yes, in the past, with external drives, it’s wedged between the USB port and F-connector. I have to pick the thing up the get to the button from the bottom 'tween the two.

It shouldn’t be something a user could “bump”.