Recording duplicates and liking it

I’ve had my original 2 tuner Tablo since early 2015 and ever since it was available I’ve had the “Do not record duplicates” checked. Earlier in my Tablo years I was recording a lot of classic TV that I eventually moved to my server. I only have a 1tb hard drive and at times it was nearing capacity. We now for the most part record shows that get deleted after viewing. I’m in a somewhat unique location where there are major networks 45 to 50 miles to my north and the same to my south. So I have duplicate channels for all the major networks as well as many of the sub channels. And I have all the duplicates I’m interested in, in the guide. I do have 2 excellent Televes long range antennas on my roof but in the summer months some channels are troublesome.

Recently we’ve been having troubles recording a certain show that’s on multiple times mid day~afternoon. The two (duplicate) Fox channels are ones that can give us trouble in the summer. One of them is VHF. I’ve tried programming it with a preferred channel (the better of the two) but the two channels seem to share their troubles so that did not work. I then thought hmmmm I should turn off the do not record duplicates thing and let it record all available episodes. I did and it’s been working great. Every day now we get good watchable episodes.


One of the reasons I went this route was because we were having so much trouble with the FOX channel to our north. I found out why today. That channel changed from a VHF to UHF frequency. Did a re-scan and there it is at full strength. This is good news because there are a lot of shows we recorded from this channel.

Hope you figured that out before messing with the antennas! Glad it was that easy for you to get a good signal. :smile:

I’d been having problems with that channel for a while now. Especially in summer. Probably because it was VHF. But then recently it was not working at all only to learn that it changed to UHF August 31st. Now comes in strong. PBS are the only channels that are still VHF(8) and they come in strong.

It got very cool and dry today so I could safely do a rescan on Tablo. All 72 channels have five green dots. :smile_cat: