Recording cut short

Anyone else have a problem with a one hour show only recording the first 28 minutes? We had one show the other night do just that.

Another problem I just noticed, that just happened bones on Fox was on the guide to record has been set up to record series from day one and it is not in the recorded items.

Hi @mb190e this can happen for a couple of reasons: connectivity issues, inclement weather, etc. If something interrupted your Tablo during the recording process, and produces enough errors, the recording will fail mid-way through. This is what’s happening when you see a partial recording.

If the interference (whatever it is) is bad enough, the Tablo won’t record anything at all. This is when you see the greyed out play icon with a slash through it. In order to have a viewable recording, the Tablo has to capture at least 30 seconds of the scheduled program.