Recording cut short

I have a couple 1-hour recordings which only have the first 27 minutes.

The last time when it happened is Revenge on ABC at 10pm on January 25,
2015.  There was no reception problem with the first 27 minutes and the recording
just stopped without warning.  Is this a known problem?

Have you had any pixelation issues on that channel previously? Trying to see whether it’s an OTA signal issue. Or if your Tablo maybe rebooted and didn’t continue recording. It is supposed to after a reboot.

Is there any quality issues, pauses, skips, skip backs, blockiness… before it just stops?  If so, that’s usually a OTA reception issue.

@TabloUser2015 Just echo’ing the folks above; an early ending usually indicates a reception issue. Any chance this was during inclement weather conditions? It doesn’t always effect the whole recording, there can be a threshold for what the Tablo can and can’t tune to.