Recording currently playing program

Trying to record the Bear game that already started. Taboo won’t let me record the rest of the game no matter what I try. No subscription here. Try manual one time recording anywhere in that time slot and I can’t do it. What’s up with that? In fact it won’t let me record any other show that’s currently playing. :angry::angry::angry:

I can schedule a manual recording.

But if it’s 6:28PM PDT and the manual menu has the default start time as 7PM PDT and you set the start time before 7PM - no go.

Leave at default start time and it gets scheduled.

This sucks. Any program that is currently playing in the guide, if I click on it, it only gives me the option to watch the channel, create a repeating manual program (which won’t begin recording till the next time it’s scheduled) or cancel. There is no option for a one time recording. This is on a Roku with no subscription. If I go down to scheduled and try to add a manual recording any time in the time slot that is currently playing, it won’t schedule or record it. Major disappointment :pensive:

I was on Roku and for tonights football game I was able to use the manual scheduling under the schedule menu. I just couldn’t force it to start before the default start time which was 7PM PDT.

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However I just found out I am able to do it with the Android app. This needs to be fixed on the Roku app.

There is but the recording MUST be set for at least 2 minutes into the future.

This is likely the issue you were running into and I’ve spoken with the Roku team about adding an error message when the ‘start time’ you’ve selected does not meet that criteria.

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Mine was 32 minutes in the future. Anything less then that disabled the continue button.

It should work the same across all platforms. The error message isn’t gonna solve the problem. Until it’s fixed I guess I’ll just have to use my phone to record anything that’s currently playing.

Hrm… That should only occur if the time on the Roku is off. Might be worth looking at.

Here’s my question. Why is it not giving me the option to make a one time recording on any program I click on in the guide for shows that have already begun? I get the option on Android and iPad. But on Roku the option to make one time recordings is only available to shows in the future. As it is now you can’t record anything from the guide that’s currently in progress. I guess you’re saying the only way to record a show currently in progress is to go to scheduled and manually enter it and make sure it’s at least 2 minutes in the future. Well that dog won’t hunt.