Recording Conflicts with New Episodes and Re-airing

I have a recording that conflicts with two other more important recordings. All 3 Episodes are marked as new and the series in question is marked to record all new. If I selected the recording that I don’t want to record at the time or airing, will it record when the broadcast is re-aired the next day? The subsequent airings are not marked as new (for obvious reasons). I don’t think it is, but I feel like it should record it.

@faganm24 - IF the rebroadcast is also marked NEW it should record. If it’s NOT marked NEW, it will not record.

If it’s not marked new, you have two options:
1 - Select ‘Record All’ and make sure you have ‘No duplicates’ enabled. That way you’ll make sure to get all of the shows without filling up your hard drive with extras.
2 - Set a manual recording for that particular rebroadcast airing.

@TabloTV Yeah, I just set it to record manually, but I think it would be a great feature if the Tablo could actually see that one of the conflicting recordings has a later airing and that it can resolve the conflict by recording that airing instead of the one that is broadcast as new. Sounds complicated though. But with episode information, it should be able to see that there is another airing of the episode.

Indeed… ‘Advanced conflict resolution’ would definitely be a cool feature!

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