Recording conflict

Maybe I’ve missed this feature but I didn’t get a recording the other night because of a recording conflict. Because CBS is notorious for shows starting and runnng late I went in last week and extended all my CBS shows 2hrs. Figured this way I would at least get the recordings. Well, because of overlap with other shows I didn’t receive one of the recordings.

If it had let me know I was going to have a recording conflict when I extended them I could have made adjustments. Instead I had to find out the hard way.

Which platform are you using to manage your Tablo. On the Chrome web browser, you can check under “Scheduled” and then select “Conflicts”… I do this periodically to ensure everything I have scheduled will be recorded. You’ll also get a warning when scheduling a new show to record if there’s a conflict. Last, when looking at shows in almost any view, you normally see an orange flag on shows scheduled to record, but if a show won’t be recorded due to a conflict, the flag will be red, and if you click on he show, it will let you know what the conflict is and you can reprioritize as desired.

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The user didn’t indicate whether the scheduled recordings were a combination of individual recording, record new, or record all.

Some network shows don’t show up as new until the last minute. As an example, I have a record new setting on Jimmy Kimmel and when I scheduled a PBS recording at the same time frame for the next week no conflict was indicated. I examined the Jimmy Kimmel schedule and saw 4+ days of shows with no information (New or guests).

During the Sunday night guide update the Jimmy Kimmel shows flipped on to new. Thus the conflict arose after I had scheduled the PBS show. It’s easy to miss those types of conflicts unless you spend a lot of time examining the tablo looking for conflicts.

I’m using the Tablo app on a Roku Streaming Stick. There is no “Conflicts” under schedule, only “All” or “Coming”.

I have mine as all new episodes which based on your comment could be my problem. The reason I found the conflict was I saw the show wasn’t being recorded so I went into schedule and saw the red flag.

Shouldn’t be a problem with programming the app to give us the heads up on recording conflicts even if they happen after originally scheduling them, which is what happened here. When I originally set it up, all shows had an orange flag.

We shouldn’t have to be going back and checking the schedule everyday for recording conflicts. I realize it’s not comparing apples to apples but when I had both DISH and DTV we got notifications of any conflicts during the initial programming.

How would you propose doing that? The flag is there if you check the Scheduled/Conflicts screen. If you don’t look there, how should the app tell you about it?

The conflict flag does flip on after the update. But unless you are spending every day of your life connecting to the tablo unit and checking for a conflict you can easily miss the conflict. Connecting to tablo everyday for something other then playback kind of defeats having a 14-day guide.

If I remember correctly I even checked titantv and they didn’t have the Kimmel show listed as new.

Yes, sometimes after the guide updates, if there’s been a schedule change, there might be a conflict that gets flagged. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know unless you check on a daily basis, or have enough tuners so that no conflict occurs. A possible fix to alert you might be to have Tablo shoot you an email, which could be a new feature they’d have to implement, maybe with a way to enable/disable if you get annoyed with a lot of conflict notifications.

Maybe by tablo could start using one of the Facebook or Google products. I bet there wouldn’t be any data scraping or privacy concerns.

I vote for attaching a printer to the extra USB port.That way tablo could print the conflict, someone could then use USPS mail to send the alert to the appropriate individual.

Back to my original post. I should have been a little clearer. In this case I was talking about a specific night of the week that I dvr 5 shows. One @ 8, 1 @ 9 and 3 @ 10.

The Tablo did not record the show on at 8.

Why couldn’t a pop up inform you when scheduling you may have a conflict? It could happen when originally setting up the shows orwhen any changes are made like in my case or on a daily basis when Tablo is initialized there could be a red flag on the start up page. At least that way we know we have a problem and can take care of it rather than having to manually check everyday. If there is the ability to enter a red flag in the schedule ther is no reason that couldn’t be carried over to the start up screen IMO. I’m kind of the set it and forget it type of person. I don’t want to have to check my recordings on a daily basis to make sure they are going to record.

If there’s a conflict at the time you schedule the recording, the Tablo client will tell you.

After that, it’s available in the UI, just on the “Scheduled” page.

What do you mean by “start up page”? Since we use the Tablo app on our FireTV more than any other, it’s almost always on the “Recordings” page. We can go days without showing any other page (other than the actual playback screens).

Due to the different client UIs, I think the only consistent way that the Tablo could do this would be an email or push notification from the Tablo through the update servers. That’s a significant addition to the cloud services that they would need to implement.

Correct. The Roku app does not have a Conflicts tab under scheduled like most of the Tablo apps do.

It will still flag the show with a red border on the live TV screen, and it will have a red exclamation mark beside it in the scheduled section.

I do recommend using a different client (I use my PC) for setting up repeating recordings. The web client makes it much easier to see and resolve conflicts.

On Roku red exclamation marks do show up both in the grid and the guide indicating a conflict when a show is scheduled.

Recording scheduling is FiFo for tuner scheduling and conflict resolution. So you would think that the 8PM show probably shouldn’t have had a conflict unless it was the last show scheduled and it’s recording time spanned into the 10PM shows. Or all tuners were busy for other work like remote connection re-encoding.

Like I said in the original post, I extended my CBS shows by two hours because there always seems to be a reason that causes them to start late. That mean the show that started at 8pm wasn’t scheduled to end until 11pm, thus creating the conflict.

We all handle our tv watching in different ways I guess. When I’m watching Tablo I am either in the Live TV or recordings. I very rarely go to the guide or scheduled unless I’m looking to set up a recording. I may be watching a recorded show but there is no reason when doing that why I would go look for red flags!!

As far as start up screen I’m referring to the blue “Tablo” page or any other page that it may open up in. Geez I get pop ups every time I get on the internet so you wouldn’t think it would be that hard for an alert when there is a scheduling conflict. When I made these changes I had nothing but orange flags. If they have the ability to turn an Orange flag red, a pop up doesn’t seem like that much of a stretch.

“That mean the show that started at 8pm wasn’t scheduled to end until 11pm, thus creating the conflict.” - and the 8pm show was the 5th show scheduled.

And if the scheduling was initiated on Roku from the Live TV Grid, when the record episode is clicked you get an orange indicator next to the episode name if there is no conflict and a red exclamation indicator next to the episode name if the is a problem.

I understand this. But I don’t check every show everyday to make sure there are no conflicts. As I said, there were no conflicts when I adjusted the ending times, only orange tabs. I don’t understand why we should have to go back and check for conflicts every time we open Tablo up. If they have the ability to show red and orange tabs they should have the ability to notify us if an orange tab turns red. I don’t want to have to play Inspector Clouseau every time I schedule a recording with Tablo.