Recording and the Grey vs Orange button

I am just looking for instruction as to how this works, I have found conflicting information and nothing specific to my interface.  Using the web interface, I choose to record a program on repeat, that program goes into my scheduled recordings.  If I go into my scheduled recordings and pic that show, there sometimes is a “REC ALL” button in Yellow.  I would assume that if I click the “REC ALL” button that it records all episodes of that show regardless of time or repeat.  My confusion comes in when I choose to record a show then I go into that schedule there are yellow “REC” buttons next to the specific time slot for the recording and I have read that if I click that and it turns grey that I am disabling that time slots recording.  I have found this to be true in my “trying to figure it out” tests last night.  So, does a grey button mean it is not recording except when it pertains to the “REC ALL” button?  I have tried to find a comprehensive manual that just runs through all of the options and I have located the online manuals but none of them I read seem to specifically describe what I see on my interface.  Any direction to that manual would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Welcome to the Tablo community, sduvall!

Here is the link to the user guide and some other knowledge base articles:

It looks like you are understanding the Record buttons correctly.  Rec All records every episode that has not been previously recorded (duplicate recordings were a problem early on with the Tablo, but now should only get one recording of any episode).

Rec New records any episode that has a “New” flag associated with it in the program guide.  

Those two buttons affect the whole series.  You can also go into each episode individually and decide you want to record it or not.  If the button is gray, then it isn’t set to record, and if it is orange, it will record.  You can toggle them however you want.

One final note…if you are tired of a series and want to stop recording, go into the scheduled tab and click on whichever Rec button that is orange.  When you exit out, that show will no longer show up in your scheduled list.

Thank you for the response.