Recording ALL or NEW

I have a new 4th Gen Tablo. I schedule a show to record and it doesn’t. Being some of the first recordings on the 4th gen. What is the difference in record ALL and record NEW? Is there a setting that says NO Duplicates like the earlier Tablo? Thanks!

It’s the same as on the legacy Tablo. ALL will record any episode of that show. NEW only records if it is marked NEW in the guide. And it has a “Don’t record Duplicates” setting.

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With the 4th Gen Tablo, “Record All” captures all episodes, including reruns, while “Record New” specifically records only new episodes. To avoid duplicates, the Tablo system automatically recognizes and prevents recording of the same episode twice. Ensure your scheduling settings are adjusted appropriately and that the show in question is not marked as “Completed” or “Watched,” as this might affect recording behavior.

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I’ve noticed that if you’re recording on a FAST station and there is a problem with the recording, it will record the same episode again. Issues like failed or split recordings are easy to spot and understand why it would set up a duplicate recording. If you have “Don’t Record Duplicates” ON and you notice a duplicate, there might be something wrong with the first one – usually, it’s recorded only part of the show but has given no error. Playback of the first recording will likely show you 29min instead of the 30 you’d expect (although most of the time the FAST stations give a minute or so buffer around the beginning and ending of a show, so 30min = 31min in most cases.)

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Not sure why they didn’t keep the software the same as the Legacy … much clearer to understand …

I think it’s more an issue that they don’t have feature parity between the legacy apps and the 4th gen Tablo apps. The basic functions like whether you want to record all or only new episodes shouldn’t really differ between the apps, even if the 4th gen Tablo apps have a refreshed UI.