Recording a TV show including cached portion

If I am watching a TV show and decide after 10 minutes that I’d like to record all of it to watch with my family later is there way I can record the entire show including the preceding 10 minutes that were cached on the drive? How?

Good question, but the answer is unfortunately no.  It will only start recording from the point when you start recording.

I am pretty sure my DirecTv Genie would record the whole show if you started watching from the beginning, waited a few minutes, and then hit record.   But the Tablo does not do that.

Something for the Tablo team to add to the new features request list. I can see instances where I’m watching a show alone and as it goes on think hey I want to show my family when they get home.

Again another request from many months ago

Record live show<o:p></o:p>

            If I am watching a show, I should be able to click a button someplace to record what I am currently <o:p></o:p>

            watching instead of needing to exit and click record. This should include whatever is saved from when I started <o:p></o:p>


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He said 10 minutes later though - how far back does the Tablo cache? It is actually more than 10 minutes for Live TV.

@theuser86 - We only start recording when the user tunes to that channel so we wouldn’t be able to reach back and grab content prior to you tuning in. 

@TabloTV like he said, he is already watching live tv and decides 10 minutes into he wants to record…

See my request as well, Same thing

What if you’re already tuned in though? That’s the concern.


The data is there on the disk.  The trick is to know where to move the first save point so as to capture the previous portion of the current show.  

It’s one of those enhancements that should be possible, but probably doesn’t have a high priority at this time due to the complexity.  There are a good number of requests to alter start and end times, and it appears to be too difficult to do without some major rewrites of the code.

As usual, @snowcat is correct. It SHOULD be possible, but would require both UI and server changes so it would be a bigger ticket item on the improvements list. 

Once this latest dev cycle is done (Roku/AndroidTV/Amazon FireTV) we’ll have a better sense of what the next features to be tackled will be. 

For the record I tried the following: watching a news program, then waiting 5 minutes before using my iPhone to record that same program. The stored recording only started at the time I issued the record command from my iPhone.