Recording a show in progress

I am wondering if there is a way to record a show in progress other than setting the time to be one minute after the current time and saving the manual recording?  This is a common thing for me with sports when I see that a game is in progress and I want to start recording from now.  If I choose to record the “show” and it has already started it just doesn’t record.  Is this the correct behavior of the Tablo, or am I just not doing something correctly.  Thanks,

If you go to Live TV and hit Record on that show it should start, might take a few seconds though

@Jestep is correct, though that can only be done on non-Roku apps.  

Thanks for the quick reply, however, I am not finding this to be true.  I click on the show in the guide, using the Tablo web app, and it brings up the manual record and I click “done” and it adds it to the schedule but never records the show.  Is there another way to record that I am ignorant of?  Thanks

Using Chrome on my PC, I hit the down arrow on the top right corner to see the live tv menu.  I click on the show and the REC button.  Then I go back to my show.

Using the web app on my Android phone, I hit the Android “go back” symbol, select the show, hit REC, hit X, and then go back to the show by selecting the channel.

Both ways create a recording from the point that you programmed it it record.

Ok, that makes perfect sense, except no where do I have a REC button.  If I click on the show it brings up the schedule manual recording popup and there is only a cancel or done button, besides all of the options for the manual record.  Is this an advanced option attached to the subscription that I currently don’t have?  Was evaluating the product before I committed to a subscription.  Thanks

Are you outside of the initial 30 day trial period?  If this is your first 30 days, you should have the full guide and all the features.  If you are past that and don’t have a subscription, then I guess what you are seeing is correct. 

Nope, only day 3 of having a Tablo.  The guide is there and I have noticed that not all of the features listed for a subscription are present, like my “PrimeTime”, “Sports”, etc menu options.  In the settings it says I have no subscription and if I click manage it takes me to the purchase web page.  So I should have 30 days of all options?  Well I know that is not what I am getting right now.  I may need to contact Tablo.

Where did you buy your Tablo? 

Actually Amazon, I have been buying a lot a media server stuff and forgot I ended up getting all my tablo equipment from amazon.

That is probably the problem. Let me find the post that addresses this… Be back… In the mean time open a support ticket and they will reactivate your unit and give you your 30 day trial…

I’m sorry it was my mistake. The other person who had the same problem as you was Amazon not Newegg. It turned out that Amazon sent him a returned unit that had already been activated, so the 30 days were already used up. Tablo support reset his unit and he received his 30 days.

Here is a link to that forum post:

I hope this helps…


P.S. I see you edited your post so you may have the same problem as the previous person…

Thanks for your assistance.  I have opened a support ticket with Tablo.  

Your welcome. Glad to help. Let us know how everything turns out.


Tablo Support is really good about helping its users out, though you will have to wait to Monday.

At least we know now what happens when you don’t have a subscription.

@sdvuall Sorry for the wait on this - you should be good to go now!

Yeah, @TabloSupport, they activated my service Monday and let me tell you, a person can live with the free features if they must, but the paid features, which really are not that much, make the experience so much easier for those who are not so inclined to work around to get things done.  My wife is much happier now that she can click an item and read the description and decide to record it now, rec all, new or not at all, I am too for that matter.  Now if I could just figure out the best location for my HD antenna, I will be set.  Thanks everyone for the assistance.  So far I am loving the Tablo.

I struggled with antenna placement for a month before I bought my Tablo. It’s the first thing you should optimize.

I simply ran a short cable from a wall jack/connection to my Tablo.  ;-)
Done - it worked.
Antenna has been there for, well, let’s see, 15-20 years? 

It’s lost 3 or 4 of the “elements” (which I found in the yard after storms over the years) but still works fine.