Recording A Program I'm Watching LIVE

I’m a new Tablo user, with the Dual HDMI. I ditched my old Channel Master+ due to ongoing glitches, and CM no longer supports the CM+. But a feature it had, I am missing (or cannot find it) with the Dual HDMI. When watching a live program, can I start RECORDING from the “LIVE” screen whatever remains of that program? With the CM DVR+ I could hit the RECORD button and it would record the content from the time I had started watching until the guide indicates its ending, or I could manually stop recording. Also, if I had paused LIVE TV for an extended period - even if the guide had advanced to the next program on same channel - it would record all the content that had “aired” as I was “paused”. Thanks and I’m happy to be part of the Tablo family of customers!

With my Tablo Quad (not hdmi) if watching Live TV and you want to record the rest of a show you’re watching you hit back (to go back to the live TV grid), and then there is a record option/button in the show description.

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Thank you, I get a similar screen. On the HDMI, I only see WATCH, and RECORD EPISODE vs your three options. I suppose the options I see could vary based on what I’m viewing - I guess. But, this works - thanks, again. The attached pic is what I see immediately after hitting the remote’s BACK button while watching “live” - the one button looks all white but it displays “Watch”.

Yes, you can start recording any time just select the record button instead of the watch one and select any other option regarding if you want future episodes recorded, by default it will not schedule additional future recordings but that is easy to change. Also, pausing a show will activate it buffering to the HD so long as you are not also recording 2 other shows. Additionally, if a show is recording you do NOT have to wait until it is over. It will start playing the recording as they last part is still being recorded. Yes, it keeps recording until you use the switch to live option. If it has been a long time you can still use the 20 seconds forward button from where it was paused.

I find the scheduling to be unreliable but about 1 minute so I am often doing over lapping recording for the end and beginning of a show since 2 minutes is the smallest increment for starting early and the ending increments start at 5 minutes. I think since it seem to record 1 or 2 extra minutes anyway.

Select Record Episode, an orange icon will appear next to the name an recording will begin. You will have to use the back button to exit. There are no prompts. There will now be an orange line under the on the Live TV schedule. Any station flashing red for the station numbers indicates which one the tuners are using.

Same for Dual HDMI.