Recorded TV show plays from current time until the recording is over

Since it is they way on every device, I assume it is by design, but it is a real downer.  If I miss the beginning of a show that is still recording, selecting “Recorded Shows” actually plays live until the recording is over, then it can be played from the beginning.  Really irritating if trying to watch a NFL game starting an hour after the start.  No way to just start from the beginning, so either just watch like Live TV or wait until the whole thing is done recording.

If there is a control I just haven’t figured out please tell me, otherwise this is a major deficiency.

That should not happen at all now.  It used to happen on my Android phone before the new web app was created, and it never happened on Roku, PC, or iPad.  

What playback device are you using, and how are you accessing it (web app, tablet app, Chrome, etc)?

Tablo channel on Plex on an iPad.  Same from Nexus 5 phone with Plex / Android 5.

You may want to bring this up in one of the Plex threads and see if others have this issue.

It does not happen with any of the native Tablo applications (though it used to on Android).   You might want to use the native apps instead of Plex if this is important.  

Just verified to be limited to the Tablo channel via Plex, though I can only play anything on the Tablo channel via Plex for five seconds max. 

Late follow up: I no longer have this issue.