Recorded shows not working with Airplay

Have episodes recorded and can view on iPad. When I try to AirPlay to the TV I just get the spinning circle. Any suggestions?

On my iPad Mini I always have to start on Home screen, swipe up the control panel and choose Airplay there. For some reason whenever I don’t do that before I launch the Tablo player window it won’t stream to aTV.

Of course, you must be on the same wifi network. All else fails I restart everything including modem/router.

Hey guys - What version of iPad and what iOS are you guys running? We weren’t able to reproduce this here.

I’ll have to update this info later as I do not have this info with me. I was able to get the shows to run via airplay eventually but it was taking a long time to buffer. I would have to wait 4/5 minutes then the show would play for 2/3 minutes and then stop with 4/5 more minutes of buffering. I’ve change the recording resolution to the 720p for roku/chromcast to see if that will help. Both tablo and apple TV are hard wired so I don’t think bandwith should be an issue.

Do you have any suggestions to decrease amount of buffering?

I tried it last night after posting my workaround reply and the Airplay option within the iPad video player now appears to work as it should. I had not tried this since the latest update to IOS9 and Tablo App 1.2.2 (85)

Unfortunately, not Airplay related but I’m now unable to turn cc off. I started a thread which I’ll update any details there.

OP, sounds like network traffic buffering going on? What resolution are you streaming to your aTV? Did you try restarting everything? At least Modem/Router/aTV/iPad and Tablo?

I’ve tried rebooting everything and upgraded to iOS 9 but still buffering too much. I’m using iPad 2 with iOS 9. Apple TV is updated as well. Using Seagate expansion HD. streams fine on iPad and iPhone but buffers an extremely long time for AirPlay. Will be retuning tablo is the AirPlay issue doesn’t get resolved.

My tablo device is 2.2.2

@Jclevett - Try rebooting all of the devices in sequence: router, Tablo, Apple TV. If the buffering keeps happening, send a note to our support team. There may be something else at play: