Recorded shows not showing up on Roku App

A few of my shows are disappearing or not showing up at all on my Roku TabloTV app. They are available to watch on my tablet app. Any ideas as to why this happens and how to get them to become available on the Roku app as I would prefer to watch my tv on a tv and not a tablet.

Try using the down arrow to see if they show up. I see this issue where some shows show up as last week even if they are only a day or two old and using the down arrow they show up.

Try using the A to Z sort on the Roku. Older shows tend to drop off but clicking on A to Z should show all of the recordings.


@Jestep and @robb3r have made some great suggestions. Depending on how old the recordings are, they may not show up in the ‘Most recent’ sorting menu. 

@TabloSupport, it’s actually interesting, the images do not appear at all until I arrow down. Not sure if that is a bug or what, I just deal with it

Noticed the same thing here not too long ago and at first was kind of upset.  But then I remembered being upset when I recorded a ton of shows and movies in a short period and my most recent “tab” became a jumbled mess.  I found them all in the A-Z tab as well as both Genre tabs and that seems just fine to me. They’re all there but out of the way, just the newer ones are on the main tab. Very nice!  Now to be able to mark recordings to not delete (save) from within the Roku app. 

@tablosupport Any line on this? And as I understand there will be two Roku apps running side by side with one being prettier but not all the bells and whistles up front and the original one still out there chugging along.  Sure hope they don’t give up tweaking the current app until the new one is fully grown up.  In Roku years that might not be fast enough for some.