Recorded shows are REALLY dark

I don’t have this problem on live TV with an antenna or on the NBC app which is getting ready to end. We tried watching 2 shows and they’re VERY dark, Law and Order and Law and Order SVU. It was dark enough that I had trouble watching. Does anyone have trouble with the Tablo recording shows/movies that are very dark? We are using the older Tablo Dual hdmi, the new one wouldn’t connect to our internet. The darkness is not a new problem, we actually paid for CBS and NBC in the past because of this issue. We can no longer afford to do that. Just an FYI, it’s not this TV, fairly new and perfect for everything else. Thank you in advance.

The first thing I would check is your display settings. I know it seems like a “duh” thing, but many TVs have separate settings for HDMI over regular TV use. Some even have the ability to pick a display setting for each HDMI port. Make sure you have the right EDID setting, this will help if you have a 4K TV, and check to make sure that instead of “Auto” for HDMI range, you have “Full” selected. This will bring out the most colors. Also, if you have HDR, check to see if it’s on for everything or only compatible devices. IDK what the older Tablos are capable of, but many of these solutions cover general picture quality. (Does the HDMI Tablo have its own picture settings?)


I recorded L&O (minus SVU)on the Tablo G4 but haven’t watched them yet. I’ll see if I notice these programs dark on my screen and report back.


Adjusting HDR fixed it for me.

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No. I have also looked into the other things suggested. The picture quality on this has never been great, not half as good as live TV. I may just have to except it as bad as it is.

That sucks, yo.

I take it anything else through the HDMI is just as bad?

With a newer TV, man, that’s BS. Guess all you can do is drive up those contrast and backlight settings and work around it, huh?

And are you using an STB such as a firetv stick?

Every app and live TV without the older Tablo works fine. Even DVD’s look beautiful on this TV. It’s a 4K TV, it was this way when it was new too which is why we ended up paying for CBS and NBC. That is no longer an option. We are struggling to survive on Social Security with these rising prices. The picture with the tablo is terrible, like watching a very old Video tape made in the 80’s. This is a picture from the latest episode of Law and Order. I think at this point, it needs to be thrown out. We considered buying a TIVO but they’ve stopped making it for OTA.

Dark pictures via HDMI can be caused if either end of the HDMI cable is not securely seated into the HDMI port.

We had this same trouble with our previous TV, (used the same Tablo in 2017). We changed the HDMI again today and nothing has changed. It’s very clear it has to be the Tablo. Thank you to everyone offering help.