Recorded show replays "down" through the PC/browser

I’ve been recording and watching the PBS series Story of the Jews. 

Playback using the Android phone is perfect, centered on the TV screen as it should be.
Playback using the PC and Chrome browser has the show displaying down on the TV screen so the lower 1/6 to 1/5 is off the bottom of the screen and the top of the show is well below the top of the TV screen.  Like it’s shifted down.

Phone - web app, ok playback
PC, chrome playback shifted down.

(Still does not start playback from where I last paused it.)

@ShadowsPapa Can you try syncing to your Tablo using an Incognito tab on Chrome? Does it have the same problem?

I will try to make time for such a test later tonight (well after the Mounties have set up camp and retired for the night)