Recorded show keeps going back and restarting from the beginning

This problem just began occurring in the last day or so. Tried he standard reboot, but this didn’t work.

Recorded show starts to play, then stops and goes back to the beginning and restarts.

What playback device?

ive seen this happen too on my appletv when I am scrubbing live TV … its like it gets its timestamp markers confused.

We have the Tablo app on Apple TV 4K. It’s been working fine up until the last day or so.

The scrubber on Apple TV can be sensitive if you don’t hit pause before zipping back and forth.

No this issue is different than THAT issue… in this case it totally gets its timeline FOO BARED so even when you skip to the end of the segment, you cant get back to live, it slaps you back to the start, and if you look at the time stamp on the scrub its all over the map sometimes… ive learned to just not try to scrub live tv … sometimes I fix it by switching to another channel then back to the one I want will usually put me back to current-live.

I havent personally reported it yet as I was trying to figure a way to recreate the issue consistently …

If you do, let us know! We’ll take a peek from our end too but reproducing it reliably is half the battle.

I have my current running theory is the buffer gets messed up if there is an aberration in the video stream data (say due to inference, blocking, multi-path etc…) somehow that just causes the scrub feature to get totally lost (often … but not always)… (this is only a half baked idea but its the one I am running with at the moment)