Recorded Programs Order

Hello fellow Tablo users,

I have noticed on my Tablo Quad that when you select All Recordings, then select a particular program which has multiple recordings that sometimes the program order is Newest to Oldest (from the top) and other times its oldest to newest. Is this a quirk? I prefer Newest to oldest.


What client are you seeing this on? I don’t think I’ve ever seen newest to oldest, except when looking at the “recent recordings” list. When looking at “All” recordings, they all show oldest to newest for me.

Roku shows the seasons newest to oldest but within a season the episodes are oldest to newest. Kind of weird if you ask me. . .

If you have many episodes across many seasons it is obvious how it works but if there were only a few episodes across seasons then it may appear inconsistent as you describe.

It’s only weird if you know that episode 2 isn’t dependant on watching episode 1. And episode 3 is dependant on watching episode 2, etc.

I meant it is weird that the sort order of the seasons is opposite of the sort order of the episodes.

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