Recorded content not playable after firmware update

Since TABLOTV did a software upgrade this week on my TABLOTV box, I can no longer play any previously recorded video or new video have recorded on my 2 TB disk that is interfaced to the TABLO box. How can I fix this?

What is wrong?

When you say you received a software upgrade, do you mean a firmware upgrade for the Tablo itself or a new app/channel for a playback device? Or are you referring to whatever they did for you in the other thread?

They said it was a software upgrade. Here is an excerpt from the email:

"Based on recent activity on our servers, we believe your Tablo DVR may be affected by a minor software issue.

This issue may cause your Tablo DVR to experience intermittent problems with connectivity, subscription status, and recordings, either now or in the future."

How did you upgrade the firmware? Did you do it on the Tablo DVR? (in settings via the app), or did you click a link from the email sent to you?

The reason I ask, the email could be a phishing email looking to gain access to your system.

Tablo TV sent me an email directly from

TABLO TV did the update over the Internet and then the machine returned to normal. After that, I can no longer access my recordings. I doubt that I will ever let TABLO TV do an update again.

You really need to contact @TabloSupport on Monday and inform them of your problem. It’s certainly possible that whatever they did caused your current problem, but it’s also possible something else has failed. Hopefully they should be able to review your log files and determine exactly what did happen and correct the problem.

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I agree - contact Tablo Support (do a trouble ticket)

They have always responded by email within 24 hours to resolve the issues. I would also ask them to verify it was them - just to be safe.

Did you contact them first? with an issue? Or was this an unsolicited email??

“recent activity on our servers” really?!?! and just one user? that we’ve heard about, they have admitted issues here in the past… as a “heads up”.

My support emails never had a fancy pic or directly more like
a heading with support person’s name
a footer again with their name and support hours

I’ve had my Tablo for some time and have never received an email like that - maybe they’re adopting a new support strategy.

All updates to my Tablo have been done via standard firmware updates. There could have been other software updates that occurred, but I wasn’t aware of them.

And I didn’t think that Tablo was monitoring recording activity, that’s the fastest way to alienate the user base IMO - unless they are only monitoring aggregated data.

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It’s not clearly explicit, but they do monitor and/or collect data! presumably it’s “aggregated” …tablo does send your logs

in the end, you barely only know what they want you to know.

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Our team sent you a note this morning - we should be able to take a look from our end and get this fixed up for you.

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