Record x programs and keep until deleted

Please give choice with record X episodes to not record any new ones until I delete some. When I am recording old programs like Seinfeld or Crossing Jordan, or whatever, there is no need to keep deleting episodes to record the latest aired. They are all old episodes! I just want to keep 3 around to pick from when I’m in the mood to watch that program.

I honestly think the extra churn caused by no option to keep 3 (or x) episodes until I delete is a big issue - both for bandwidth consumption for commercial skip and hdd unnecessary activity. I had to replace my tablo-recommended hdd after 1 1/2 years even though it is an external one connected via usb.

There is also the issue of a tuner not being able to record a program if it is recording the latest Perry Mason episode, when an episode was just auto-deleted unnecessarily.

Why don’t you just stop the schedule for those shows? Seems like a simple solution that already exists. Then when you want some new episodes, start it back up.

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That is what I do now. But if someone other than me watches the last recorded program and deletes it, there is nothing to remind me that I need to turn on recording again for that program.
The argument of why program something that could be done manually could also be said about recording a series. We could all setup manual recordings for each new program of a series we want to watch, but the truth is with a bit of programming, the Tablo could take care of this on its own. The manual attention would not be needed.

Out of curiosity, if the whole point is you just want to keep 3 around to pick from, why does it matter if because of the current logic it deletes 3 older ones to record 3 newer ones?

Not trying to invalidate your request, I just think that specific request probably targets a fairly small portion of the Tablo user base.

I answer this clearly in the original post. Please see above.

For some reason that second paragraph didn’t process in my head. I see what you are trying to say, but if you really just want to keep 3 episodes, why keep the show scheduled to record to begin with? I guess I’m just seeing your request as a very niche scenario.

I actually have a similar use case for this feature and it has been covered in a different posting that I could not readily find. When my wife and I cook we often put on Family Feud because it does not require any thought and it’s ok if we miss large swath’s of the program. It’s just there for background and a distraction really. I don’t care if the episodes we play are current or if I missed an episode but I also don’t want the Tablo to needlessly delete the oldest recording and record a new one. If I am at my keep limit it would be nice if it just skipped the next recording.