Record This Show button needed


I use the Tablo Pre app on my Amazon 4K Fire Stick, and it works so well that I watch live TV using Tablo Live, as opposed to watching directly on the TV itself. I like the down arrow option to turn Captions on and off, but I wish there was a “Record This Show” button beside the Captions button. Right now, if I want to record the show I’m watching, I must exit Live and use many clicks to navigate to a screen where I can record the show I was already watching. Hope this suggestion is possible.


Adding a record option within the Live TV playback screen is something we’ve talked about a lot over the last few years.

We’ve had other priorities in the past that kept it off the to-do list, but it’s getting closer to something we would like to tackle.


Great to hear that, thanks. A company that listens–Wow. I participate in a number of forums, and here’s how you stack up against the others (10 is perfect):
Tablo 10
MusicBee 10
ISY994i 3
Insteon 0


It shouldn’t be a revolutionary concept, but sadly it is.

I don’t know what MusicBee is, but they sound cool.


I would add - record this show (while watching it) from the beginning since the data is already there in the buffer. We had that on our DirecTV DVR. Watching a show, thinking this is worth recording, hit the record button and the DirecTV box would record what was already watched as well.

We had that problem yesterday. Watching a show (2 hour program), deciding after 20 minutes it would be worth recording it. Got the last hour and a half on Tablo recorded but not the first 20 minutes.

This BTW is where PBS is good - they schedule a show several times during the week so one has multiple chances at recording the full show. Why the majors don’t do this? :thinking: The British do the same as PBS. So if a recording fails, one has another chance.


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Plex: We have users?


MusicBee is my replacement for iTunes, and I use it to curate my music library (ripping CDs, making playlists, etc.). Far superior to iTunes for the purpose, and very stable compared to the constant churn of iTunes. Worth looking at. Very active user community, like Tablo. Believe it or not, it’s free shareware, the effort of a single individual who loves music. It’s been rock solid for me and others for years. I have a 5 zone SONOS system, and SONOS tried to be compatible with iTunes, but the constant churn kept breaking things.