Record the same show on two channels

As the title says, I want to record the same show on two ABC channels at the same time, and set it up to record all shows every day. How is this accomplished? My dual lite will only let me record on only 1 of the 2 ABC channels I get. Hopefully there is a way.

Do you have the nodups option on?

I think @zippy is referencing the no duplicates option in the Settings screen…


I have two ABC channels and recorded the Ten Commandments on both of the ABC channels that I receive. And in recordings both movies showed up the the two different channels. But I do have a four tuner tablo.

I changed it to “record all episodes” and now it will record both channels every day. I will leave “nodups” on to see what happens. FYI, I am 1 week into being a Tablo user. I’m still learning, but it’s going OK.
Thanks for your help.

If you click/tap the orange Rec… it “won’t let you”?

If you want to record the exact same show (same title) at the same time (or 2 different times) you have to click off the “Don’t record duplicates”. I have mine turned off because I want it to record dupes at all times. I live 50+ miles each way between two major metro areas both with all the major networks. Duplicates in other words. Sometimes the channels from the north are struggling with the atmosphere and sometimes the south channels are struggling. Letting it record dupes gives me the best chance at getting at least one good recording.

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