Record same show, same time, different channels?

Hello and thanks for the help.

I enjoy my Tablo Quad but I am in a bit of a fringe area. Sometimes I go to recordings and see that I have 4 or 5 “tries” at recording a show and it fails because of poor signal strength. This is weird because when I scan I generally get good signal strength, but perhaps it is a weather thing.

In any event, I rarely want to record even 2 things at once so it occurred to me I’d want to record the same show at the same time on different channels (since often they are broadcast on several channels at the same time).

Is this possible?

Welcome to the community, Brian! From what I recall, if you are in a market that say has two CBS stations running the same programming most of the time, and you want to record something on CBS, the Tablo will pick just one and record from it.

If you really want to record on both stations at the same time, a manual recording is the best bet. Manual recordings just need the channel, date, and time, so you could set up 2 of them with the only difference being the channel.


Actually, I think there are 3 stations running the programs I want to want.

I will try that: thanks!

The other alternative would be to deselect ‘Don’t Record Duplicates’ but that would apply to ALL of your recordings so it may be best to tackle it as @snowcat suggested.


I am going to try unchecking “don’t record duplicates” because it is a general solution. I have plenty of storage, only record a few shows, and immediately delete all after watching so it’s probably the easiest thing to try.

OK - Make sure to remove the schedule for that series and then select REC ALL vs. REC NEW after unchecking the ‘Don’t Record Duplicates’.

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I did this a while ago for the same reasons you mentioned. I have duplicate episodes from 45 to 50 miles south and 45 to 50 miles north. It has worked great. I only have a 2 tuner so sometimes I have to do some manual manipulation to get rid of conflicts.


Will do. Thanks again

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