Record Option While Watching Live TV

It would be convenient to be able to start recording a show while watching it by clicking the Menu button (FireTV remote), and also have the buffered content be included in the recording. Also, an indicator (red circle) in the top corner of the screen to show that recording is on would be a nice feature. These features are available on the FireTV recast DVR

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Several years ago @TabloTV responded to your question. Below is their response:

Alas, that’s not the way the Tablo is architected at the moment.

Yes, we do capture the live stream so you can rewind, pause, etc. but at the moment there isn’t a way to gather that up and create a recording out of it.

Having a recording option when watching live that would start at the beginning of the viewing session is getting to be a semi-popular request and we have had some initial discussions about how we might make that happen, however it’s not something that has been popular enough for us to get serious about adding it as of yet.

I understand that this might have been their response years ago, but it is time to put features like this that are a part of all DVR’s into their software. I have to believe that all users would be happy with both of these features.

It took years for tablo to get all the main features to work to some degree in all their apps. I’m not sure that this feature could exist in all their apps. So I’m sure they don’t want to go down the one off rat hole.

And since I don’t use my fire tv for tablo I’m not interested in this feature.

Years ago when they explained things… FireTV Recast, as you noted had this feature, was in production. Currently, as you use it as an example as having superior features… has been discontinued.

There are post with technical explanations why tablo doesn’t have this ability. I suspect it was originally engineered as primarily DVR. Watching TV was secondary… now maybe it’s more popular than anticipated. It would be a major overhaul to create a new device to function differently.

Do I have to look through years of responses I just got Tablo to get an answer to a question? I just got Tablo. I am old, I can’t waste my time.

My work around is to set up a manual recorded to start a minute or two later while watching the show. It will only begin recording then. Better than nothing…

After using my Legacy Tablo for 6 months, I figured out my own workaround. If I am watching a TV program and I decide I want to record it, I just set the recording using my mobile phone app. The recording will miss any time up to the time the recording started, but nothing can be done about that. However, I can still rewind what I have watched on my TV or laptop. I hope this helps others with the same need to record while watching.