Record New is recording all and multiple copies of new

I have the latest with everything (2.2.6, etc). There is a show on PBS called “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having” Even after removing the schedule and redoing it, making sure it is set to record “new” only, every episode is recorded, regardless of is showing new, and regardless of there being the same named episode already recorded. For example, one show is titled “Los Angeles” and it was new, recorded it, and the following day recorded it again, even though it shows as not new and the same episode title already existed as a recording. Any ideas, or anyone see similar?

Back to Sage TV, one great feature I liked was a small window to the side that you could have show the last 4-5 shows that were recorded, or the next 4-5 shows that are in queue to be recorded.

Especially with the firmware changes and such, and shows being missed by myself and others along the way, a short list showing what’s upcoming would be useful. Especially when a network throws a week in of repeats, and everyone in the family is wondering if it really was a repeat or did Tablo miss recording it?


@TabloTV I have seen a few of these types of issues as well. Not quite as bad as described above, but I have seen some shows getting recorded that is not new when it is set to only record new shows. Not constantly either, only sometimes.

I had two copies of the Supergirl premiere as well, which was on two different nights last week.

But I also have shows like the Simpsons that are only recording the new episodes.

Yea, that is what I see, some it happens and not a lot, and then some never happens.

Similar issues here… some shows set to record new are being double recorded, which isn’t too bad as I can always delete the unwanted show. But on occasion, I do see shows that are set to record new, are coming up new in the grid display, and show the first airing on that date, yet, they are not flagged to record. Haven’t figured that one out yet, so I just click on record to make sure that I get it.

On a daily basis, I check to see if there are any new premiering shows, then I check all channels I watch to see if there are any new shows, and then I check the live grid from 8-11PM to make sure all the shows I watch are flagged to record. This way, I make sure I don’t miss anything. The only way that falls apart is if I’m traveling, which fortunately, isn’t often these days.

Hey folks - If you can please place tickets letting us know about instances of this that would be awesome.

We’ll need to know the following:

  • Show Title
  • Episode Title
  • Air date & time
  • Network
  • Zip/Postal Code

That way we can see if it’s an issue with improperly tagged guide data or something at play with the recording engine.

Next time I see it :wink:

I just cleared out a bunch of these… seemed to be random duplicates (i.e. not the same show on two diff channels at the same time sort of thing) … but like it recorded a repeat of a show that it already recorded previously…

and a few shows were old shows (eg. Bewitched, ) etc… so they werent even “new - new” shows…

Of course i’ve had the on-going issue with Sesame Street and the morning 1hr vs 30min afternoon duplicates issue.

I also had the Supergirl pilot recorded twice.

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I wonder if the guide service is listing them as “new” and since Tablo looks for that designation it just records it.

It could be that the metadata for the episodes was slightly different.

That’s why we’d need the above info to see what the issue is.

Since you are looking at data on shows, can I add a couple others that have bothered me for a while. I have to force manual recordings on “Chicago Tonight” from 10-11PM M-Th, channel 11-1 and “Chicago Tonight, Week in Review” from 10-10:30PM, Fr, (60004) because the data coming in on those shows is always air dates of like 1997, and never shown as New, even though they always are. I would do a record all, but they are replayed multiple times during the day and on 11-2 as well, so I would end up with ~4 copies of the same programs daily. Which is why I do manual records. Not a big deal, but I always found it strange that these programs never have good data associated with them.

@Corto - If it’s an ongoing issue it’s likely that the local broadcaster is not sending any updated info to our guide data provider for that show and there’s just one ‘bulk’ metadata that is associated.

Hi, as I responded on the ticket, see the clip below for NOVA. Episode #18, circled, has played and been recorded multiple times already, and is still marked as new. So it seems Tablo is correctly interpreting “New” and recording multiple copies of the same show. For me, it seems to mainly be an issue with PBS shows.

One thing that SageTV did was also check the show full name and/or ID number and compare to already recorded shows to determine whether the same recording already existed. Maybe that is a secondary check that could be added tp prevent multiple recordings?

I see what I think is the same problem (or related?) but it is not a problem with the Record New setting, it is a problem with the Don’t Record Duplicates setting in the Settings menu.

I check Don’t Record Duplicates in Settings, but I still get duplicates of Father Brown on PBS (which is set to Record All because I haven’t seen many older episodes). I also got the duplicate of Super Girl recorded as others described (which was set to Record New). I’ve cut and pasted a screen shot of my Smart Scheduling options and of some of the Father Brown duplicates that have been recording below (there are more duplicates in the other seasons as well):

It is not a big deal as the duplicates usually record in the middle of the night when nothing else records and thus don’t create conflicts, so I have just been deleting them. I could fill out a ticket if it would help, but I didn’t want to detract support from more pressing issues that others have been having.

I didn’t even realize there was a “Don’t Record Duplicates” in settings, which was checked in my case as well, so it does not seem to override or help in the recording of duplicates, whatever the definition is for Tablo. Seems across our two cases it records duplicates whether or not they are marked as new, so maybe the functionality is somewhat broken.

Hey folks - We have looked at a few of the above examples.

In these cases there are two bits of metadata being sent for these shows: a flag for SH (show) and EP (episode). SH is usually reserved for one-time airings like specials and for news that will be different every time. EP is used for new episodes within a series. Each airing is only supposed to have ONE of those flags.

In these cases both metadata flags are present so Tablo errs on the side of recording ALL THE THINGS because of the EP flag.

@TabloTV … interesting… I suppose 2 copies is preferable to no copies…