Record for extra time

I would like to request a user stable extra recording time. Sunday night football is throwing my wife’s Good Wife off by about 30 minutes.

This is likely to effect my happy wife factor greatly.

The one in error is Sunday Night Football :slight_smile: (just saying). Anyhow, this oft requested feature is difficult since you are effectively altering the guide data at that point. Need a way to add time and nullify guide data that fits in the allotted “add time” including guide data previously scheduled by the end user. It’s not that it “can’t” be done, but not as simple as you might think.

Of course, when recording a live sports event, Tablo makes an extra time allottment for that event. You’re not really dead handling overlap if there are available tuners, but it starts getting complicated at that point.

Just saying it sounds “easy” but maybe it’s not…

Can’t you just record the program that comes on after The Good Wife? You will have to select that recording to see the end of Good Wife but it is a work around.

Yea, and sometimes just adding time is not right because the network may cut in at the right time or start from the beginning…

I do a lot of manual recordings to cover a whole evening if there is a chance of errors.

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But that is CSI: Cyber… Might have to turn in my nerd card if I record that crap :grinning:

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Thanks for all the suggestions guys, set up a repeating manual recording to cover the difference.

If you want to trim off the excess frames, use this batch file:
cd K:\tmp
REM (change above line for your location. Batch file should be in the same directory as the source video.)
ffmpeg -y -ss 01:59:02 -i “source.mp4” -t 01:02:03 -vcodec copy -acodec copy “output.mp4”

It’s really fast compared to GUI editors. The first time code number (use Quicktime) is the start frame The next time code number is the duration. You can guesstimate it and run a second pass when you can see your desired endpoint on the output video.

I’l have to try this trim. I’ve tried avidemux, but it mess up the audio - Thanks !

Yeah, we have this problem. I just record CSI Cyber, though I use the Record All option in case Good Wife is new but Cyber is a re-run.

This has always been an issue with DVR’s, not just the Tablo. Local networks affiliates are not always consistent. Sometimes they will break in and out of programing causing parts to be missed or shows to run long. Sporting events where a game clock is started and stopped due to many different variables will often run long. Sports like the NFL will always take precedence over shows like The Good Wife due to the number of viewers. Local programing like the nightly news will also take precedence. Most DVR’s allow a few minutes of padding at the start and end of recordings to compensate for inconsistent start and end times. A good example is Jimmy Kimmel Live, it starts at 11:35pm EST. Also, local networks affiliates have to decide on when and what they will cut short to get their programing back on track for the next day. This usually happens between 12pm and 6am but it is inconsistent between networks.

The issue is DVR’s use the Electric Program Guide (EPG) information to schedule recordings. It is up to the Networks to provide reliable information. There is no way a EPG would get updated in time if a show was to run long. The solution is on the end-users side. If a scheduled show follows something like sports that may run long you should record the next show as well to be safe. Another option is something like Hulu where you can get shows like The Good Wife.

I did not cut-the-cord because I couldn’t afford cable TV, I just felt I was not getting good enough quality or content for the cost. I have found that everything I use to watch on cable is available over Hulu or Netflix. For live sports and CBS shows I use my antenna. I suspect that most cut-the-cord folks do the same.

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