Record Episode limit?


I’m trying to understand how things work and what to expect with my 4Gen Tablo.

I have been recording Star Trek and Star Trek Next Gen. Both hit 30 “recordings, 30 new”. I have each set to record all episodes, keep all episodes.

I came back from a trip and see “no recordings scheduled” even though episodes of both shows which I haven’t already recorded are scheduled for tonight.

I have 50% of internal disk space available

Is there an episode limit per show that I’m hitting?

Has recording of certain channels been disabled? I tried to test by recording MAS*H. I push record and nothing happens. I was able to schedule recording of another show on a different channel.


You didn’t say if this is a 4 tuner or 2-tuner. If you have auto delete on. And I’m assuming it’s OTA.

Somewhere on the tablo WEB site or forum is the amount of reserved space per tuner - both actual and virtual. You may be running into that limit. I kind of remember 3 hours per real tuner and 2 hours per virual tuner.

I have the 4th gen 4 tuner with a 2TB external.

I have Blue Bloods 24 episodes currently recorded on OTA channel ion and about 32 scheduled to record and by the end of tomorrow, I’ll exceed the 30 or not if there is a limit. I’ve been recording and when I get a full season, we watch the season and erase as we go along. Haven’t seen a limit but it would be good to know.

It sounds like you should have plenty of space left on the internal to be able to record these episodes.

You say when you try to record manually, nothing happens. What does that mean? Is there a message that pops up and needs to be dismissed? Please share what is on the screen when you press the Record Episode button.

I think the article zippy is talking about is here:
How auto-delete works.

Still, if you have over 50% space left, this shouldn’t be a problem.

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Thanks for posting that! Based on that, I won’t hit those limits for a long time to come.

LOL. I hear ya. I can’t wait to stick in a non-approved SSD and see how that messes things up more than they already are!

I think it was zippy that mentioned something before about recording more than a certain amount of hours in a day, but the wording in that article was confusing as well. So many variables!

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But you’re not the OP who was using the internal storage.

True and I guess I’m not interested in living within that 128GB limitation especially with a DVR device which by its very nature means it’s going to use potentially a lot of disk space, especially when disk drives are so inexpensive. I know many feel that the space provided is more than adequate but I guess it depends on how much stored recordings one wants to retain.

Does anyone know what, if anything beyond the OS and probably the guide, the 128GB internal flash storage is used for after you attach an external drive?

Maybe some users might be interest to know if this reserved space was the problem.

Does it matter if the flash is still used after an external drive is attached.

I think it does because if done properly, certain activities would be way more efficient than if they offload all activity to read/write through a USB 2.0 external drive.

Some might want all the meta data needed to use/migrate an external drive to a new unit written to the external drive. But I don’t think customers get to vote on an internal implementation detail.

Update: Perhaps I was just impatient? After going for a pint (which is probably the actual solution) upon return expected shows are scheduled. I had to power cycle as the Tablo complained that it couldn’t get a dhcp address (if my reading of the blue blinking lite is accurate.) It had an address before getting in the Uber for this last trip. No other device on the LAN had an issue with dhcp (or renewal). I’ll address this dhcp issue when time permits and any questions will be in a new thread.

Some answers to earlier questions:

I’m recording OTA, 2-tuner and auto delete is off.

When trying to record some shows to test, it worked. But other shows (e.g. MAS*H) it didn’t work. That is, I pressed record (as I did in the test record which worked) but nothing happened.

I’ll monitor and see what happens over the next few days

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The customer doesn’t have a say as to what if anything is stored externally or internally. We can only make suggestions but unless we know, we can’t recommend or make suggestions.

Things like the temporary storing of tuner content from OTA live or streaming channels while watching but not recording would be way more efficient if maintained on the internal storage, especially since they don’t perform a recording from the time you began watching to be included into the existing recording at the moment you decide to issue the record command, also knowing what if anything that is stored on the internal would need to be included in order to backup/migrate a device from one Tablo to another which may not be available now but hopefully it’s something Tablo has on their future plans.

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I have 41 episodes of Star Trek recorded on a 6TB drive and it is still recording more.

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