Record by season

The Tablo guide does a great job of showing scheduled episodes by season. It would be helpful to limit recordings of non “new” episodes to only a single season, or by default all seasons.

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What’s the use case for this?

Are you trying to say, only record older episodes of a particular season of Simpsons episodes?

Yes, that’s what he’s saying, and I would love this new feature, as well.

I watched seasons 1 thru 3 of a series a long time ago.
Got busy, and never watched season 4, which are considered old episodes now.
Season 5 episodes are currently considered new episodes now.
I want to record season 4 without selecting record all.

I’m transitioning from my old DVR to Tablo. I have about half of the current season of several shows yet to watch, so I figured I’d start recording them in reruns over the summer. Unfortunately, if I choose “record all”, I’ll get a fair number of really old episodes that I’m not interested in. I’ve narrowed this down by setting the recording to only be on the primary network channel, but even there I see 3-4 old episodes a week at various odd times.

I initially thought that I would want a timer based recording, but after seeing the episodes arranged by season, it occurred to me that choosing a specific program and season would be exactly what I would want.


That’s a super cool suggestion! Will definitely pass it along to the team!

Agreed, add me to the list. My use case is the show “American Dad” (No judging please)… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

They show the “New Season” on one of those cable channels I don’t get, but they show the previous season over the air on CW…

Right now I have it set to record ALL, since last season isn’t technically NEW.

It IS NEW to OTA but not NEW on its own.

But of course this means I grab a LOT more than just last season.

On a similar note, would love to be able to delete by season as well, for the exact same reason…