Record by keyword

I would like to be able to record upcoming shows based on keywords. i.e. “Holiday” would record any episode that has the word Holiday in the title or description or actor list. Any chance this makes the enhancement list?

my tool APLTablo Client has this capability. I’m finishing up the GUI that allows you to use it, but it performs exactly as you suggest…you specify text and it looks for shows with that text and records them

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How does the tool continuously do this? For example when the Tablo gets new guide data.

Maybe auto-record based on key word would work for some, but it seems a user might spend more time cleaning up the recordings that they really don’t want.

I searched the current TV guide for Holiday and ended up with 5 results. None of which I would ever record.

Every time the check runs it runs through all of the active shows and airings for all of the keywords you want to record and marks them to record if not already set to record. It then keeps track of the fact that it did so…if you go through and stop the recording, it knows that it doesn’t re-enable the recording.

So you highlight/select 5 entries choose delete… Yes, if this is too much time, then it may not be for you. But for those who’d like to check and see if they may want to watch, and have time to spare, it could be beneficial.

You mean tablo has a new Roku app feature where I can highlight multiple shows and it automatically knows which episodes within those shows I want to delete. And I can hit delete once. Cool.

I thought you were talking about @LJ_LongWing 's app which stated supports “record by keyword” I was sticking with the flow of the topic… or were you talking about a new Roku app feature supporting auto record and I missed your topic change?

No, I don’t have any information regarding any new Roku app… or any new tablo apps and what functionality they may provide.

But yes, the feature does exists in APL Tablo Client - select multiple entries and “do something” all at once function. delete / record / don’t record / record all / export / etc

The original poster ask for a feature change and thus one can only assume they meant for tablo apps Otherwise they would have posted to the third party APL Client thread.

A tablo change would mean that the feature would be available to all users in all tablo apps on all tablo supported devices.

Agreed, I only posted on their thread to let them know that while the feature might not exist in the OOTB apps, it’s being worked on in a 3rd party app that they might not have otherwise seen :slight_smile:

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your generalized reply could be interpreted as though it was directed to a previous post about an available feature… with out specifying, I thought for myself.

available in all apps!? What happened to the app parity or parity among apps charge? Would a change really mean this??