Record button and sreaming servicess

It would be nice to have the option to record a show if you are watching it and would like to record it without having to go out of the show to do it. It would also be nice to add a few streaming services to the Tablo which would make it a awesome device. I know these two things will probably never happen but one can always hope.

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Tablo has already answered this question in one of their FAQ’s see below.

Tablo is pretty good about reading everything on the forum but Tablo also does regular surveys of features people want to help determine their priorities. Make sure you let them know when you get the next survey. They will email you. It will probably be while since they just did one though. This is a feature I’m rooting for too!

That feature seems pretty unlikely from both a technical and legal standpoint. Unless I’m missing something it would take a lot of licensing agreements or Tablo completely changing their OS to something like AOSP at a minimum. That said I don’t have an inside track so maybe I’m way off. It would be a cool feature for their HDMI models.