Record all, actually recording all...Not what I was expecting

I would have expected the Tablo to skip episodes that it has already stored.  If I deleted and the show came up again, I would expect it to rerecord (I wouldn’t expect it to remember past recordings…probably wouldn’t want it to.

It is possible this is user error as I haven’t had it for awhile, but having 2-3 copies of the same episode seemed beyond some over eager clicking.


I noticed the same thing. Unfortunately, neither “Record all” nor “record new” is what I really want for many shows (ones where I may have missed many older episodes so I still want to watch them when they come up). In many cases I do want to record all episodes that air, even if they are not marked as “new” in the guide, but I don’t want to store multiple copies of that exact episode.

@Jimrush @Auream I hear you guys. There’s stuff in the pipeline to address things like this. ‘Smart recording’ to avoid duplicate recordings - and ‘bulk deletion’ to help manage your HD when it gets full. No dates yet, but stay tuned.