Recommended network extender

I am having difficulty with a Netgear 6100 network extender.

It works with everything I have, web, Disney+, HULU, Netflix. I can not get it to work with Tablo. I have tried LG TV’s, Firestick, Apple TV, Windows PC.

The extender is set up as a network extender on the same network ID as my main AT&T router.

I am looking for suggestions on a network extender that works with the Tablo apps.

Not really sure what network protocol Tablo apps utilize but whatever it is my netgear will not pass it.

If the Tablo is connected to the Wifi network, you shouldn’t have a problem. Have you gone through these steps using an Android Phone?

Thanks for the article link. However my Tablo is hardwire to my main AT&T router so the Tablo quad is not on Wifi.

To be more specific, I can access Tablo via my AT&T wifi on any of the devices using the Tablo app. I can not get any video to play on any device connected to my network extender either 2Ghz or 5Ghz signal. I get a playback error message when trying Live TV or a recording.

As stated in my first post all other streaming services both video and audio works with my current network extender.

My first suspicion is that the devices connected to your extender are receiving IP addresses in a different subnet than those connected directly to your AT&T wifi.

The fact that all your devices can reach streaming services is not a good indicator of whats going on - it is expected that all subnets can reach the internet, but what’s needed is that one subnet can reach the other subnet.

Make sure you are using the extender mode, not the access point mode. If access point mode it could be creating a new network? Tablo won’t work if it is connecting to a different network, like a guest network. I have a Dlink extender and Tablo is working fine on it.

The extender is in extender mode and everything is on the same subnet 192.168.1.x

Interestingly enough is I can use Tablo connect to access the Tablo outside the home.

that is strange. the next step i’d propose is to take a packet capture from a device connected on the extender network to grab what’s happening specifically on the network and see what the problem is. Install Wireshark, select the wifi interface, start the capture, attempt a connection to your tablo, let it fail, stop and save the capture and then we can look at it.

The NAT function of the EX6100 could also create a different network, make sure it’s not enabled.

I have looked at the manual and through all the screens on the device. I can not find anything around NAT. The user guide has no reference to NAT.

If you are willing to spend the money, upgrade your entire network to a mesh system. Eliminates all those problems and inconsistencies.

Personally, I have a 3 device Google Wi-fi system covering the house, a large shed and almost acres (I’m in the country, so no real obstacles but my own walls). No Tablo or any other problems anywhere. And you get the seamless handoff between access points, unlike some extenders.

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Look here.

I was on the Netgear site researching my network extender and saw the Nighthawk app they suggested to setup and manage the extender.

So I factory reset the network extender and set it up using the app. When finished everything is now working including the Tablo app!


Nice, glad you got it working!