Recommended modem/router

I've been a cord-cutter for about a year thanks to Aereo and Roku. I recently found Tablo and love everything about it! However, I'm not very knowledgeable with technology so I'm trying to learn all I can by reading the community boards.

  • I purchased the Tablo, and based on board recommendations also bought
  • Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB Portable External Hard Drive,
  • Upgraded my first gen Roku to Roku 3
  • Got a ASUS Dual Band Wireless N600 (RT=N56U).
  •  I want to return my leased ZyXEL Q1000Z to century link and purchase a modem to use.

Here's my question: Does it matter what type of modem I get to help my Router & Tablo set up? I pay for 20Mbps. Everything recommended by Century link is modem/router combo.

Should I go with one they recommend or get modem only? Can anyone recommend one that will work for me?

This community seems so helpful! Thanks in advance for taking time to help!

@PlanetKaren I’d recommend a solid modem/router combo. This makes things relatively easy if you intend to use the Tablo Connect feature for remote use later on - especially if the modem/router combo supports UPnP (most of them do).

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

@planetkaren Obliviously @tablosupport knows what the heck they are talking about since it is their product…  However, since you already bought the RT=N56U which I have and love, I can recommend something.  I too currently have a leased Zyxel modem/router attached to my Asus router.  The only way to do this without conflicts is to dumb the Zyxel down into just a modem.  This can be done for your router like it was for mine if you are reasonably technically inclined.  Good luck!

I disagree with @TabloSupport – Sorry :slight_smile:

Modems are about 69 bucks and the cable company charges around 8 a month.  I have had my own modem now for over 2 years and have more than paid for it.  I would also recommend a strong AC router/AP like :

I would then personally, as i do, use a home built atom machine running PFSense for my router/firewall/DMZ/vpn/etc.

@pix64 I used to run my own modem, but when I changed to fiber optics it stopped working, so I had to take my ISP’s equipment.  At the time they didn’t charge for it, but they have since started to.  I have to call and negotiate every 6 months to get them to take the charge off.

Owning your own Modem is more cost effective.  As to a router I would recommend a Apple Airport Extreme.  They are good solid routers and their firmware is kept up to date.  They are more expensive but are worth it in the long run....I have used many of the "top name brand" routers and either they fail after a short time or the company stops updating them.  I have never had a problem with the apple ones...And no I am not an apple fanboy.

I had a 5th gen and it doesn’t hold a candle to the Asus i bought recently.  As for stupid easy to setup goes, Apple wins

Oh dont get me wrong there are likely better or more powerful routers out there(there always will be), I just find the quality and reliability to be heads and shoulders above everyone else....heck I just bought one of these to replace my older model and literally dropped it on my desk...the desk took the damage.

Eh… im over apple :slight_smile:  they make good hardware mostly, but other then that they have turned to “Hipster” for me.

anyways i use :

and from day 1 it has been rock solid with 5ghz and 2.4ghz as well as load balancing.  streaming wifi 1080p to mutliple devices including tvs… no problems at all.  All while on my vpn for work… good stuff.

Yes Asus makes a good product…and if I remember correctly they have created the fastest router to date…was in the tech new recently.