Recommended devices

I am considering purchasing Tablo and am wondering which hard drive(s) and other devices are recommended. I currently have an Android phone and a Mac laptop–I understand that I can view/record some shows via these devices. I hope to eliminate my current provider and replace the costly system with an outside antenna and perhaps a streaming service. However, I still want to be able to record programs for later viewing.

I have used Western Digital 2TB and upgraded to Sea Gate 4TB hard drive and both worked very well. I use Apple TV on my tv I also have a iPhone and iPad that I use to stream local channels when away from home. They work great. My children use iPad and amazon HDfire tablets the fire works but the iPad has a better picture. I’ve been happy with Tablo you will be surprised at how many channels you get over the air. My Tablo receives 40 channels.

Johnboy what format does the hard drive have to be formatted to for the Tablo? Mac or Microsoft? I have both types of computers thanks

The Tablo will format the hard drive.

I think it’s Lenix