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My old Kindle Fire HD 7 did not support the Tablo app, I believe because the version of Android was too outdated. I just purchased a Kindle Fire HD 10, which has the latest operating system and a 10" screen, thus meeting the listed requirements for the Tablo app (Android 4.1 or greater and 7" screen or larger). The app looks to be incompatible with this new Fire as no video will load or run - not live or recorded and not from the app or the silk browser or even from the Tablo Plex Channel. Normal operation of the Tablo app usually results in being kicked out of the app at some point. I know this tablet was low-end, but only wanted it for watching video.

I will return it and look to get a different tablet, but I want to know what to look for. I had thought the minimum specs were met by the new Fire tablet, so there are obviously other minimum specs that I don’t know about. Are there recommended Android tablets for use with Tablo?

Fire HD tablets are not the same as Android tablets. They use a different app store. The Tablo does have an app for certain Fire HD tablets:

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Yes - I installed the Tablo app from the Amazon App store on the Fire HD tablet. It is accessible to my Fire HD (which means it should be supported) and it installs and the interface works (I can access the TV Shows section, the guide, the recordings, the settings, etc), but it will not play any video - either live or recorded and it crashes a lot. Since the web app and the Plex Tablo channel cannot play video either, it seems something about this device is not compatible with Tablo, but I do not know what, since it does meet the 7" requirement and the Android 4.1+ requirement stated in the Amazon App Store listing.

So I am looking for suggestions for Android tablets that are known to run Tablo without issue, since this is the main reason for buying the tablet. I would prefer a lower priced larger screen (budget) tablet (eg, Lenovo Tab 2 A10), but fear that going budget may lead to similar problems. I will go high end if needed, but the only thing I really want the tablet for is Tablo, Netflix, Prime, and Plex video, so I don’t really need all the bells and whistles. But it has to run the Tablo app.

Perhaps this is not an issue for the pure Android tablets, but if it is, I would just like some suggestions for tablets that are known to work.

I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 (10 inch) tablet that works well. Any of the Samsungs should be fine. I see a lot of Nexus tablets on here as well.

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The Samsung Galaxy S tablets are excellent for watching video. They have a great screen and have a wide screen aspect ratio. They are also discounted since the S2 models are out. (The S2 is not wide screen and is not much of a jump in features over the S)

@Vonda_Z - The app for Kindle tablets actually uses a much older code base because of their funky nature and it sounds like we need to take another look at it. All of the generic Android tablets use a newer codebase.

I’ve sent your thread over to our Android team so they’re aware of the issue.

Thanks for the suggestions. I kind of figured that Samsung and Nexus would be a safe bet.

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Took your advice and decided to try the Galaxy S 10.5 inch. I would have like to have waited before shelling out the money, but I didn’t know how much longer the older model would be available and I definitely prefer wide screen. My husband keeps trying to get me to go iPad, but not with that 4:3 aspect ratio. I was won over by the reviews of the screen. Hope it lives up to its reviews.

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I’ve had a S 10.5 for almost a year now. It is a great tablet, especially for watching video. If you have not already, play the sample videos that came on it. They really show off the screen’s quality and resolution.

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