Recommendation fir new DVR

Hi. I am using a Tablo Quad OTA with an external 6 tb usb drive. Have had this setup for years and love it except for one issue. The entire thing becomes a boat anchor when I dont have Internet access. Can’t watch live programming via my antenna and can’t even watch anything I have recorded. Whomever designed this product, that lets you cut the cord, os not very bright. If you cannot validate the guide the whole thing is useless. So, iI am sitting here, once again, with my Internet down. No streaming and no OTA TV.

I am going to ditch this DVR and try something new. Which product will let me watch in the main room and my bedroom, accept my usb drive, have 4 tuners (hopefully) and NOT require me to have Inernet access to use it?

If you can find one, the HDMI version does not need Internet access to work. The drawback is that you cannot watch on a phone/tablet/computer. Only the TV it’s connected to, and up to 3 TV devices (Roku, FireTV, etc…)

Thanks Andy. Never watch on my phone or pc anyway.

What are you using to watch the tablo on? I use Apple TV iPhone and iPad and if the internet is down I can still watch tv as long as my home network is up because I am streaming from it my house. If I was out side the house trying to stream and my cable service is out it can’t.

@billros, depending on where your Tablo is you could possibly split the antenna feed - one leg to the Tablo, the other to your TV. Then you could at least watch live OTA when the Internet is out. I’ve had this setup for many years now, works pretty well.

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Thats what i do now. Guess ive gotten spoiled. Like to be able to pause!

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Roku and a TVs.

:slightly_smiling_face: ha! I do the same thing, always thinking I can forward or pause live OTA TV.

Can you verify if your home network itself is still active when the external Internet goes down? I wouldn’t be surprised if some gateway devices may shut everything down if the Internet goes down.

I have always completely agreed with this. I have found way to work around it and …it’s less hassle than the DIY PC based DVR I was using.

As for watching live TV, I have TVs with tuners so I watch TV on my TVs, as designed.