Reception Lately

My CW channel which used to be pretty good is now pixelated all the time. It is pretty unwatchable. It never used to be like this. Also, it is always green when I do a scan. I think it started with the latest round of beta firmware. Anyone else having image issues?

Firstly, consider “always” - seasonal weather changes (as well as rain and vegetation) may affect your signal strength. Issues may arise with the cable from the antenna to the Tablo.

Secondly, consider signing up for the new “heavy logging” version of the firmware (contact @TabloTV) if you still believe it’s the firmware. Somewhere in the logs there may be clearer indications of signal strength.

Borderline green may cause issues like this.

If at all possible, test your signal quality by direct-attaching an antenna and observing the same channel from there.

It is unfortunate that Tablo has such a mediocre system of signal strengths. It seems they really only have 3 categories - (5 green, 3 yellow and 1/0 red) and that the other two dots are not used for finer graduation, nor is a specific indication of channel strength as well as required strength ever displayed or provided to the end user.

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Just to clarify, my understanding is the “heavy logging” version you are talking about is a special/beta version of the Roku app with more logging enabled, not the Tablo hardware’s firmware.

Just wanted to point that out since the OP doesn’t specify what playback device they are using.

Thanks @Nilex , that was dumb on my part. :slight_smile:

I guess it could be seasonal. Playback wise I have been using my Roku. This channel has never been a problem before. In the end I probably need to break down and get an outdoor antenna. Seems like a lot since I am only 7 miles from the tower.

At 7 miles, you could have a too much signal problem. Might need an attenuator.

I have an LTE filter on it that has helped in the past. I will have to look into what exactly an attenuator does.

Don’t trust the dots…

I got the 3db attenuator and it doesn’t seem to help. The one thing I just noticed is the fan that I use for cooling the tablo was not running. I wonder if it is a heat issue. I ordered a new fan, will be interesting to see if it helps.