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I see this has been discussed before. Sorry if I am beating a dead horse, so to speak. But I want to add my own 2 cents worth.

I have been a Tablo user for something like 6 or 7 months, and my 6TB hard drive is about half full, after I have pruned out a lot of rubbish. That still leaves a lot of stuff on that disc. And looking thru the lot to find a show, well is time consuming and frustrating. To that problem a couple of things would be nice: (a) a better search function (on my Android tablet, the search function does not work, at all, for recordings), and (b) a list of recently watched programs… call it “Continue Watching…” or something like that.

The search function works great when looking for a program to record (searching the guide data), but searching thru actual recordings does not seem work (for me anyhow). If it works the same on Roku, which I have not tried, but intend to… well then that would need fixing too.

With such a large number of recorded shows, it is difficult to find a show, or sometimes even remember which shows you were watching. My Tivo doesn’t do this either, so Tablo would have a leg-up on the competition if they had it. Netflix and other online streamers seem to all have it, as far as I can tell anyways… I find it very nice. Also, the online streamers and the Tivo both have very good search features.

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While you’re waiting for tablo to get around look into this frequent topic, you may consider looking at some #tablo-apps:third-party-apps-plex 3rd party apps.

There’s a range of function and best of all - they often pick up where tablo stops. For a variety of various reasons, primarily (virtually) none of them will work or proprietary devices which is tablo’s primary consumer market device.

They can provide great flexibility to allow you to get things done… they way you want. However, there is usually a bit more interaction than a few taps on a remote - so it may not be the path for everyone.

I do use OTA2GO on my Android tablet, but I don’t think it is available on my Roku. OTA2GO is pretty good - but no “Recently Watched” list. It has a search function that works great though. If Tablo’s worked as well, wouldn’t that be nice.

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